Prep Gala

Thanks for joining us for a memorable evening supporting arts and athletics at St. Croix Prep!

Thank you for your support of the Prep Gala! Because of your generosity, we raised $80,000 for St. Croix Prep arts and athletics.
$28,000 raised in the fund-a-need appeal will enrich our students’ arts and athletic experiences without increasing participation fees to families. The funds will be used to purchase athletic equipment and supplies, musical instruments, athletic uniforms, guest clinicians for band and orchestra, and underwrite the cost of band, orchestra and choir’s solo and ensemble performances.

After covering the cost of the event, the remaining funds will be split equally between the arts and athletic programs. We will fund an Educational Assistant in the Lower School Art Classroom and complete the purchase of athletic supplies and equipment for the upcoming school year. We will also fund a new costume for our beloved Leo the Lion!