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SCPA Marathon

October 10, 2018
$100, 000 Goal!

About the St. Croix Prep Marathon

We are excited to host our first St. Croix Prep Marathon in our new Prep Athletic Stadium.

Marathon Day is not only a great day filled with outdoor activity and community building, we also use this event to close the funding gap between our school and other Stillwater public schools.  St. Croix Prep does not receive any of the local tax levy that the local district receives.  This “gap” amounts to over $1.5 million per year.  For the sake of our students we must work together to close this funding gap.

This year’s Marathon goal is $100,000.  With these funds raised, St. Croix Prep will purchase new ceiling mounted projectors and speakers for classrooms.  Existing projectors are over 9 years old and have lost clarity.

Over the past seven years, this event has raised over $625,000 for academics at St. Croix Prep.  Purchases made possible through funds raised include: 200 Chromebooks, built-in cabinets, mobile computer labs, textbooks, classroom literature, SMART Boards, students scholarships, and field trips.

The St. Croix Prep Marathon is the only event that includes every student and staff member.  We set a goal for each student to raise $65, and offer a Marathon T-shirt as a thank you for this generous contribution.  Students raising above the $65 donation are eligible for additional prizes.  Students and staff will raise funds through the day of the race, October 10.   Students will participate in an opening ceremony, run a portion of the Marathon, compete in competitive running races and enjoy treats and recreational time.

We invite you to support the students of St. Croix Prep today!  To donate, enter the Event Website  – To donate to a specific student, type their name or their team’s name in the search area.

Thank you very much for your support!

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