Toe Jumps, Toe Loops and Flips

What do toe jumps, toe loops, flip and the Lutz have to do with St. Croix Prep?   Three award winning figure skaters and some of the  newest students to the school.

Freshman Alecia Poppe and sophomores Leah Jackson and Alayna Peterson live and breathe for cold air and smooth ice. They have been skating with Maplewood Figure Skating Club and Northern Fusion for over seven years and Stillwater area varsity team for one year!  “We practice eight to 10 hours six days a week year-round making this our only figureskatinglife outside of school,” Leah laughs!  “Being part of this group isn’t just a team, it’s your extended family.  I can’t image my life without Leah and Alayna, they’re like sisters to me, we just spend that much time together,” smiles Alecia.   

Competitions are bi-monthly and mostly in Minnesota but they do travel out of state for large competitions like Midwestern and National Sections.  Last year, when they attended sectionals in Portland, they took home the Marlys Award for placing the highest at sections in the Twin Cities and they took third in the sectional competition.  “This was amazing and such a great honor,” stated Leah.  

When asked what they learn from figure skating besides moves and coordination, they all responded with a great list including goal setting, dedication, endurance, working hard, determination, accountability, time management and patience.  They all frustratingly agreed, patience is the hardest to obtain.  

Currently the ladies are practicing for their upcoming competitions and spring show. Alayna is working towards mastering her senior free dance for the upcoming test in December.  When she passes she’ll receive a medal and an exclusive jacket.  “I’m excited to get the cool jacket!,” exclaimed Alayna.  

To learn more about the Maplewood Skating Club visit http://www.mfscskate.org/page/show/1140794-about-us