St. Croix Prep Board Update October 18

St. Croix Prep Board Update.  A summary of the October 18 meeting is noted below

  • Board Officers Elected.  Jim Markoe is the Board Chair; Shane Mueller is the Vice Chair; Nancy Reistad is the Board Clerk.  Susan Peterson was elected as the Treasurer in a previous meeting.
  • Parent Survey.  The Board determined the survey should be issued by the SCPA Administrative team since the survey relates to operational items.  The survey will be issued in early November with the Board informed of items that may have strategic significance.
  • Friends of Education Site Visit Report.   There was discussion of the site visit report issued by Class Measures.  November’s meeting will include a discussion of how the Board can improve its governance.
  • Compensation, Succession Planning, and Board Retreat.  Updates and discussion of these items occurred.
  • World’s Best Workforce Committee.  The Board approved the World’s Best Workforce Committee – Joann Karetov (LS Principal), Wanda Renner (MS Principal), Andrew Sachariason (US Principal), Cori Wahl (SPED Director), Shawn Peterson (Parent), Nicole Donnay (LS Teacher), Amy Kleinboehl (MS Teacher), and Anna Maakestad (US Teacher).