Service Project to Guatemala a Success

Last year, St. Croix Prep launched a new service-oriented and educational travel opportunity for Upper School students. A group of nine students and three teachers participated in a Vision Team through Common Hope, a non-profit organization based in Antigua, Guatemala with a hcopy-of-img_8705ome office in St. Paul.

In Antigua, Common Hope is called Familias de Esperanzas.  They serve close to 11,000 Guatemalans, and 500 families.  The Common Hope facility provides families access to a health clinic, a daycare facility, a library, dining hall and play areas.  Common Hope also works with existing local schools to support students and teachers and provide educational resources.  

On August 7, 2016 the St. Croix Prep Vision Team flew to Antigua and spent eight days on a variety of activities including:

  • constructing a small house for an affiliated family and paying for the materials through donations the team received   
  • arranging activities for daycare and school age children such as bracelet-making and reading books about Minnesota
  • participating in “A Day in the Life” events where Guatemalans opened their homes and showed SCPA students how they make a living including: a clay souvenir artisan, a woodworker, and a tortilla-maker  
  • Visiting a local weaving co-op to learn about traditional Mayan culture and the history of the women that started the co-op
  • Attending family social work visit with a Common Hope social worker seeing firsthand the conditions that exist for most Guatemalan families

img_8783Each evening the students ended the day with team reflection. This gave the students time to discuss their experiences and how its altered their global perspectives. Overall, the vision team learned a lot about themselves and the world around them.

There will be an informational meeting for students to learn more about the 2017 trip on Friday October 7 during lunch.  Students interested in joining the Vision Team 2017 should have their parents attend an informational meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12 at the school.  

To watch a video on the 2016 trip, click here.  https://animoto.com/play/7xLimsPa9m6GjrzO9HxsYw

Please contact Ms. Vidlock or Ms. Crouse for more information about this exciting and unique upper school travel img_8678experience.