Admissions Section

Enrollment Application

To apply to enroll at SCPA, please fill out the appropriate on-line application below.

If enrolling students in various divisions, multiple applications must be completed. An enrollment form may also be download, printed and faxed to the appropriate office.

To complete an application for 2019-2020 click on the below link.  Note:  The Open Enrollment period for the 2019-2020 school year began on August 27, 2018;

If you have trouble filling out the online application, a hard copy may be filled out and turned in as well.

Board Decision related to Wisconsin Residents – Attention New Applicants!

On January 23, 2018, the Board of St. Croix Prep changed its policy regarding Wisconsin residents.  As a condition of enrollment at St. Croix Prep, students must maintain a primary Minnesota residency.  This change is due to a change in interpretation, by the Minnesota Department of Education, regarding out-of-state student enrollment.


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