Upper School Educational Travel

Italy Trip 2020

In the summer of 2020, SCPA students will have the opportunity to travel to Italy.  From Michelangelo’s David to his Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican; from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to ancient caves in the Tuscan countryside; from the bustle of Rome to the winding streets of medieval Etruscan villages; this will be a trip to remember.  This trip is open to 10th-12th graders, including those who graduate in 2020.
Email jgottschalk@stcroixprep.org for more information and/or to sign up.

Past Trips

Educational travel opportunities are made available to St. Croix Prep students.  Educational travel destinations are based on the history, literature and art curriculum covered by the individual grades.

Grand Cayman Island 2017

Upper School students had the opportunity to earn a half semester credit in Marine Biology trip. The seven day trip involved scuba diving two to three times each day exploring marine life, coral reefs as well as a shipwreck and Stingray City.

When out of the water they attended lectures by researchers, visited a geological formation on the island and a sea turtle hatchery. In addition, the students now have a lifetime scuba certification.

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Venice, Tuscany, and Rome

In the summer of 2018, SCPA Juniors and Seniors are invited to join us on an educational trip to Italy. We’ll be spending two nights in Venice, where we’ll travel via vaporetto (water taxi) down Venetian canals to see St. Mark’s Square, tour the Doge’s Palace, and see a glass-blowing demonstration. From Venice, we’ll travel to Tuscany, where we’ll spend a full day in Florence taking in the treasure of the Uffizi Museum and of course, viewing Michelangelo’s famous David statue at the Accademia. We’ll also visit Siena and medieval San Gimignano, two of Tuscany’s most picturesque towns, and enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch in the countryside. We’ll then journey to Rome, where we will see highlights including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.  Contact Elaine Bransford at ebransford@stcroixprep.org for more information.

SCPA Guatemala – A Service Focused Travel Opportunity

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Partnering with Common Hope, a non-profit based in St. Paul, St. Croix Prep students travel to Anitgua Guatemela and stay at El Proyecto, a community center that provides a variety of support for local Guatemalan families.  This support includes:  programs designed to promote literacy and family education, housing and emergency food support, as well as providing basic health needs through access to a medical and dental clinic.

Establishing a service-oriented international travel experience for Upper School students fits well with the SCPA mission.  “The students are focused on service while also expanding their global perspective” said Karen Vidlock, Social Studies teacher, chaperone and team leader.  “Students develop their leadership skills as they take on new roles with team fund-raising, lesson planning, and learning about Guatemala.  Students also reveal positive character traits as they seek a broader understanding of the world and work to serve and get to know others.”

Another aspect of service is how SCPA can make our contributions ongoing.  “We want the students to return to St. Croix Prep ready to build excitement and momentum to serve to the next group of travelers” said Karissa Crouse, English teacher, chaperone and team leader.

SCRIP for Educational Travel

St. Croix Prep students have two opportunities to take part in educational travel – Washington D.C. and Italy.  SCPA encourages all students to participate, however we realize the cost of travel may seem high to some families.  To help with the cost, half of the rebates earned when purchasing Scrip cards will be applied to a students educational travel account. For example:

In one year, if you purchased gift cards for:

  • Cub Foods (weekly for a family of 4) – $75/week for a year with 4% rebate = $78 ($78 to SCPA)
  • Kwik Trip (weekly gas fill) – $75/week for a year with 4% rebate = $78 ($78 to SCPA)
  • Chipotle (weekly lunch) – $10/week for a year with 9% rebate = $24 ($24 to SCPA)

Amount to your Educational Travel Account – $180

For the June 2014 Washington D. C. trip we had a family that covered the cost of the trip from rebates through the Scrip program!