The health office requests that parent/guardian provides the following at the start of each school year:

  • Diabetes Medical Management Plan.  Click here for a sample management plan, similar to what you should receive from your health care provider.
  • Diabetes Questionnaire completed yearly by the parent/guardian.
  • All supplies including blood glucose meter, extra insulin strips, glucagon, fast acting carb snacks, juice boxes, ketostix and ketone meter and any other necessary supplies.

Each year, parents and students with diabetes are encouraged to arrange to meet with the school nurse.  At this meeting the Diabetes Questionnaire will be reviewed as well as the current Diabetes Management Plan.  The School nurse will write, as necessary, an Individual Health Plan and/or Emergency Care Plan based on these two documents.  These plans will need yearly review by the parents.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the ages at which children are able to perform self-care tasks for diabetes management are individual and variable.  St. Croix Preparatory Academy health office recognizes the need for minimal interruptions for the student to have optimal opportunity for academic success.  The school nurse will work with parents, students, healthcare professionals, and school staff in striving to meet the needs of the student without compromising health and safety of all parties involved.  Please complete Consent for Diabetes Self Blood Glucose Monitoring in the Classroom(minimum 5th grade) if you feel your child is ready for that step.  Other accommodations can be made via the Individual Health Plan and/or a 504 Plan.

To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions please contact the school nurse at nurse@stcroixprep.org or 651-395-5906.