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2017-2018 Upper School Supply List

For the 2017-2018 Upper School Supply List, click here.

2017-2018 Bus Transportation Forms – Signup Deadline is June 15, 2017

The 2017-2018 Transportation Registration Form is now available.  Stillwater Area Public Schools provides bus transportation for St. Croix Prep students.  To sign up for bus transporation, and in order for them to begin their planning/routing process, please complete the Transportation Registration Form.  Please email the form to schoolbus@stillwaterschools.org or mail it to:  Stillwater Area Public Schools, Transportation Department, 1875 S. Greeley Street, Stillwater MN  55082.  If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department of Stillwater Area Public Schools at 651-351-8377.  The bus transportation processing and routing is handled by Stillwater (ISD 834), so do NOT return your completed forms to St. Croix Prep.  Thank you for your attention to this.

Upper School monthly newsletter

To read this month’s newsletter, click here.

Upper School Bell Schedules

  • The Upper School Regular Bell Schedule  for 2016 – 2017 can be found here.
  • The Wednesday and Friday Advisory Bell Schedule for 2016-2017 can be found here.

Homework Expectations

All St. Croix Prep students, with the exception of Kindergarten students, should expect daily homework.  St. Croix Prep intends to make homework purposeful and aligned with the goals of delivering a college preparatory education.  As a general homework guideline, Upper School students may receive between 2 hours  and 3 hours of homework per night.  These are only guidelines.  Homework should be completed in a quiet environment free from technology distractions.  In addition, these guidelines do not take into consideration critical times of the year (e.g. mid or end of quarter) when additional time may be needed for project completion or test preparation.  These average estimates do not consider individual student learning styles, needs, efficiencies, or family educational goals (e.g. grades, college/university aspirations, etc.).  In the event a student is experiencing more homework than these guidelines, please contact the appropriate teacher and/or the School Principal for a homework log.  For St. Croix Prep’s Homework Philosophy, click here.

Peer Tutoring

These tutoring sessions are used to focus on a specific area that needs improvement.  The tutors are volunteering their time to help meet your student’s goals. Click here to fill out a tutoring form.

Student Parking Permit Application Packet

Students are responsible for registering their vehicle and obtaining a parking permit. For a 2016-17 parking pass application click here.  Fees must be paid on FeePay as well.  SCPA administration reserves the right to limit the amount of parking permits issued based on space availability.

Bus Transportation Contact Information

ISD 834 (Stillwater Area Public Schools) provides our bus transportation.  They contract with MN Central School Bus to provide the buses and drivers.  The following contact information may be helpful if you have questions regarding registration, routing, and problem resolution.

 ISD 834 Bus Transportation Department  651-351-8377
MN Central School Bus 651-430-3311

The 2016-17 bus transportation form can be found here.

2017-2018 Educational Benefits

Application for 2017-2018 Educational Benefits can be found here.  For answers to your questions, please call 651-395-5900.

Administration Contact Information

Contact information for Upper School administrative personnel is noted below.  For a listing of Upper School faculty, click here.

Upper School Principal
Andrew Sachariason
Upper School Office Manager
Diane Anderson
College Counselor
Mathew Williams
School Nurse
Candace Westlund
Phone Number : 651-395-5906
Fax Number : 651-395-5901
Email : nurse@stcroixprep.org