Shared Time Services

In accordance with Minnesota Statute Section 126C.19, St. Croix Preparatory (SCPA) will provide shared time services to Minnesota students that are not enrolled on a full time basis. Classes will be conducted by employees of SCPA at St. Croix Preparatory Academy, 4260 Stagecoach Trail North, Stillwater, MN 55082. The classes available are noted below and have been determined by the administration and faculty of SCPA. Students, and corresponding families enrolled in shared time services must abide by the policies of SCPA. These include, but are not limited to, the Family Handbook, Dress Code, and faculty grading policies.

Shared Time Classes Currently Offered at St. Croix Prep

The classes currently available under shared time services are those classes within the Band, Orchestra, and Choir offering. For a summary of these classes and the schedule within the school day, click here.

For a detailed description of the class, please view the Upper School Curriculum Guide. For a list of those St. Croix Prep faculty teaching shared time classes, click here.

Enrollment Information

To enroll in classes please complete the Shared Time Enrollment Application.

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via email:

Nancy Reistad

or mail to:

St. Croix Preparatory Academy
4260 Stagecoach Trail North
Stillwater, MN 55082

Note: The Shared Time Enrollment Application does not include the detailed class offering. Upon receipt of the application we will contact you to ensure the student is enrolled in the proper class.