SCPA Marathon


October 19, 2016
$101, 089 raised!

About the St. Croix Prep Marathon

The St. Croix Prep Marathon is our largest fundraiser in which all student and staff participate in raising funds.

Marathon Day is not only a great day filled with outdoor activity and community building, we also use this event to close the funding gap between our school and other Stillwater public schools. St. Croix Prep does not receive any of the local tax levy funds that the local district receives. This ‘gap’ amounts to over $1.5 million per year. We must work together to close this funding gap for our students.

Our goal for the Marathon is $100,000! The money raised supports academic enrichment for SCPA students. As in past years, the funds raised will purchase classroom technology. In addition, this year’s funds will be used to subsidize the cost of educational field trips and assemblies for every student.

Each student has a goal of raising a minimum of $65 to reach their first incentive. Students going above $65 will be eligible for additional prizes. See ‘‘Incentives and Celebrations’ section for more details.

To assist families in reaching out to friends and family around the country and the world, as well as those who live nearby, students will collect donation online. Each student will have an individual webpage that he/she can forward to family and friends. See ‘How to Donate’ section for more details.

Let’s work together to enrich our student’s classroom experience so that St. Croix Prep remains a place where our students thrive as they develop their academic, character and leadership potential.

2016 Sponsors

Platinum Bank
Creative Homes
Market Place
Valley Ortho

InKind Sponsors

Afton Alps
Brine’s Market
Health Partners-Power Up
US Foods