Health Services General

Health Services General Information

The Health Office is located behind the Main Office.  It is staffed by a full-time Licensed School Nurse, Candace Westlund, RN, LSN, CNP and a part-time Health Assistant. The School Nurse and Health Assistant work together as a team to meet the health needs of students. We have a unique understanding of students’ physical, social, and emotional needs and the impact those needs have on learning.

Hours : 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Phone Number : 651-395-5906
Fax Number : 651-395-5901
Email : nurse@stcroixprep.org

As a member of the St. Croix Prep community, if you participate in the development, review, update, and implementation of our  School Wellness Policy please contact our school nurse, Candace Westlund at nurse@stcroixprep.org

A copy of the Excused Medical/Dental Absence form can be found here.

For a copy of St. Croix Prep’s Wellness Policy, click here.

For a copy for the Wellness Policy Committee Minutes click here.

Licensed School Nurse (LSN) – Candace Westlund, RN, LSN, CNP

  • Develops and supervises a system of first aid, illness management, emergency care and health related policies
  • Assesses individual student health and development
  • Develops health plans for students with health conditions
  • Implements individual health plans (IHPs) as needed/required
  • Plans and provides for screening (vision and hearing)
  • Provides nursing procedures as needed
  • Coordinates prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • Serves as a resource to students, staff and families regarding health concerns and health education
  • Has a master’s degree in nursing, certified pediatric nurse practitioner and licensed in public health and school nursing

Health Assistant (HA) – Kayla Vang

  • Provides immediate first aid and comfort to injured students
  • Provides care to students who become ill or have health concerns during the school day
  • Maintains documentation of immunizations and other health issues as part of the health records
  • Assists with monitoring and providing information regarding communicable diseases
  • Medication administration as delegated by the LSN
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid