Enrollment Application

To apply to enroll at SCPA, please fill out the appropriate on-line application below.

If enrolling students in various divisions, multiple applications must be completed. An enrollment form may also be download, printed and faxed to the appropriate office.

To complete an application for either the 2016/2017 OR 2017/2018 click on the below link:

  • Lower School (grades K – 4) enrollment application, click here.
  • Middle School (grades 5 – 8) enrollment application, click here.
  • Upper School (grades 9 – 12) enrollment application, click here

If you have trouble filling out the online application, a hard copy may be filled out and turned in as well.

  • To complete a 2016-2017 hard copy enrollment application, click here.
  • To complete a 2017-2018 hard copy enrollment application, click here.

If you have any questions, or if you need applications mailed to you:

please call:

or e-mail:
Nancy Reistad