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Naviance — College Counseling Software for Parents and Students.

St. Croix Preparatory Academy utilizes Naviance to develop multi-year plans to chart a path toward graduation while achieving college and workplace readiness.  Naviance is the leading provider of student success solutions for K-12 schools, providing solutions to over 100,000 educators and 5 million students in over 72 countries.  For parent and student sign on, please click here.

St. Croix Prep College Code and School Profile

The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) code for St. Croix Prep is 242449.  Please note this code will be required for correspondence with the College Board.  For a copy of St. Croix Prep’s School Profile, click here.

Colleges Visiting St. Croix Prep

Visits by colleges/universities are listed below:

 October 9  Whitman College
 October 25  College of Wooster

Advanced Placement Classes & PSEO Opportunities

St. Croix Prep offers approximately 15 Advanced Placement classes within its curriculum.  Students may also pursue Post Secondary Enrollment Options(PSEO) outside of the St. Croix Prep environment.  It is important for students and parents to understand the differences in these options and the impact these choices have on graduation and the college application process.  For additional information on these options, click here.

Basic Steps for Completing a College Application

St. Croix Prep’s College Counselor will assist students with this process, but it is important to note the basic steps in completing a college application.

  • Obtain an application from each to school to which you are applying.  Schools have paper and on line options available.
  • Read EACH application carefully.  Each institution may have different requirements related to letters of recommendation, essays, and deadlines.
  • Complete each application carefully.  Be neat, be complete, be on time.  Make sure your application reflects your best work.
  • Have your official ACT/SAT scores sent to each school.  If you did not request that scores be sent to colleges when you took the test, you can request scores through the ACT and SAT websites.
  • Common Application.  Some schools allow you to use the Common Application to apply to several schools using the same basic form.  For additional information on the Common Application, click here.

Please visit with Mathew Williams, SCPA College Counselor, as you begin your application process.

Mathew Williams

Transcript Request

If you are in need of a transcript, please click here to fill out a request form.